From the Heart of J

From the Heart of J….. I’m a heart person. I wish my heart always had wings but unfortunately lots of  times its wings are heavily laden with the soot of my “self”. But I aspire to winged living…through Him, with Him, and in Him. So whether you are like the hummingbird with wings beating furiously to a frantic pace, or like the eagle that soars up on breeze, let’s catch the wind together through Him, with Him, and in Him. Let the flight begin!


105 thoughts on “From the Heart of J

  1. Well, I declare, as though you hadn’t enough to balance! This is really good, “J”, and I look forward to more and more … remember SFdeS said that you are “a masterpiece” so the soot must be of pretty fine quality! You can always sift some of it this way.

  2. In the realm of the internet there are few places where a soul might be captured by a light. As moths gather during the night, may we write those things that draw. Soul words are rare. Many rely on the work of others to draw the moths. But we see the effect of that in today’s Church and society.

    I was thinking, yesterday, of how the “beautiful” wings of the wicked will melt even while they are in flight. As the lovely butterflies flit to and frow, entrancing our minds, they will encounter a place of absolute horror. Everything they counted on will melt into oblivion. And the thought caused a sadness to cover me for a while.

    Isn’t this why we write? Perhaps we start to write from a desire to inspire. But soon it turns into an awareness that what we own is so very precious. And a spark is engorged with fuel! The resulting raging flame demands release!

    I encourage you to write till your fingers jam up. The way the Lord has endowed your mind is peculiar. Some are blessed to be teachers of what was written. Some are blessed to be a specific help for specific needs. Yet, some are gifted by Him to give a testimony from the very Throne of the Most High God. Could it be possible that you own this gift?

    By His Grace.

  3. Your words are beautiful…and humbling. Yes let us all challenge each other to write words that draw…”soul words”…words that echo on. And for those who come into the “awareness that what we own is so very precious”, we then realize it is a gift to give away…and the more we give the more the gift grows. I sense you know all too well about the “resulting raging flame demanding release”. One cannot contain His love within….it bursts through doesn’t it? God’s blessings on you and yours!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog posting today. It’s encouraging to know that their are people out there reading this stuff.

  5. It is through His Eucharist that through Him with Him and in Him we can soar, gliding beyond the altitudes wherein life can be sustained by nature and depending solely on His grace!

  6. Dear Sister fromtheheartofj, first let me thank you for joining up with me on my Blog, this is a blessing and I look forward to what you will share long or short with others that visit with me and to also sharing on your Blog so others may be encouraged and lifted up by heart felt messages of Love.

    I’m sorry but I can’t stay subscribed to anyone for long there is something wrong with my blog which WordPress can’t fix, but please remember I will keep in contact and keep joining up with you so I can receive your new posts etc

    As I read your Spirit filled words my heart soared, I felt His Joy overflowing I’m crying as I write this because I feel so bonded in His Love with you, thank you for thouching my heart with His Hope, Joy and Peace, once again I’m reminded we are His Body to minister to each other first and then to a hurting world.

    I would like to offer you my dear Sister in The Lord, The King of Kings Friendship Award, it’s very differant from most, more like a blessing and some call it that, you can accept it as you feel in your heart or not, it’s just to afirm we are one, we are family.

    Blog post –

    Thank you again for sharing from your heart to mine.

    Christian Love Anne.

    • To know the connectedness of the Body of Christ is truly an incredible blessing. Thank you for your kind words. And too what an incredible blessing to be given the King Of Kings Friendship Award. I am touched and humbled. Thank you! What a beautiful Godly affirmation. God’s bless you.

  7. I need your prayers My Sister in New Zealand died last night, Anne is my 1/2 Sister we had the same Dad, I was named after her, she was in her 70, it was sudden, please pray I’m hurting so much. I asked a few to pray for me on the Blog and I do feel comforted but so lost at the moment, I did a post, I don’t know why perhaps to say goodbye in a tangible way not sure but It calmed even though I couldn’t stop crying, I will miss Anne greatly she was my only blood relative… long story.

    Thank you for your prayers they strengthen and heal.

    Christian Love – Anne.

    • Oh Anne. I am so sorry to hear the news about your sister Anne. Death hurts so even when we carry the truth that we will meet again. And those who love the deepest feel the deepest. Your tears are a prayer before God. Please rest assured of my prayers at this time. May the Lord’s presence bring you peace and a flood of happy memories of the gift of your sister Anne. God bless you,

  8. Oh, I So so So so Love this blog–it’s beautiful, and I love hearts, too–and I love the message–you’re wonderful! Wow–thanks so much for visiting me today, which brought me here. The pics are terrific too–the baby is cuter than cute, & beautiful. God Bless You Richly!! Do come back, and I’ll be stopping by again soon!

  9. Well, I can’t seem to find that video–“Change for a Dollar”–but wanted you to know I passed it on to my friend who’s not a believer, And he’s put the link on his political website! How do you like that, sister?!! God bless you today, and this Christmas week!

    • I’m so sorry you couldn’t pull up the video…not sure what is wrong? Awesome you passed it on to your friend…you are an internet missionary! That really is awesome…it sounds like you are planting seeds! Isn’t that fun? God Bless you and Merry almost Christmas!

      • Trust me–if I can’t do something web-related, it’s “operator error” (as my friend tells me). Doesn’t matter anyway, since he benefited & passed it on via his superior knowledge re links and all things “web”. And YES, it’s WAY FUN to plant seeds! I hope you’re right, that I might be an Internet missionary–since I’m not so great at it, one on one. Oh well, we do our best.

        Enough chit-chat–I’m here to tell you that I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award (is that okay?)–Congrats! Now I’m really having fun!! Lord Bless you BIG!

  10. Hi , fromtheheartofj thank you for your support and encouragement on my blog for your kindness in praying for me I look forward to sharing more with you.

    Blessings to you and those you Love , may the Beauty of Christmas past and the Joy of Christmas present, fill your heart with Love that overflows all year.

    Christ- mas Love Anne

    • thank you Anne for your kind words and for your beautiful Chrismas blessings. May you too know the Peace, Love and Joy that the Christ child brings our hearts and our lives. Keep writing and spreading that Love!
      Merry Christmas!

  11. Inspiring words, actually. A heart dusted with soot – very visual. I absolutely love that picture of Jesus Christ with his hand on his heart and it’s radiating. That’s the best picture ever. I have one in my home 🙂

    Thank you so much for subscribing. I am honoured. I am writing a true story, recalled from journals. I do intend it to be a book. I am honoured you are interested in the journey. If you wanted to catch up, the first post was in August, and then one after the other, the story unfolds.

    You have a lovely feel to your site here. Sincerely, Merry Christmas to you.

  12. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and liking the post on fasting. It’s not a popular subject, that’s for sure. Hope you and your loved ones will have a blessed Christmas.


    Carol Connell

  13. Dear fromtheheartofj I needed to have some time out, the problems with my Blog are incressing, why people want to be so unkind I don’t understand but I have been praying as you advised and have an assurence always that regardless of what happens in our lives God will bring good from it.

    What is in my heart to say J is Thank you so very much for sharing from your heart with us, I just read some of your posts and they are so beautiful I felt a Peace and Joy as I read them, I’m going to ponder on a few and share my thoughts in the near future, thank you once again, it is a blessing having you has a Sister and friend in The Lord, I will be in touch soon.

    Christian Love Anne.

    • I am so sorry Anne to hear that the problems with your blog are increasing. I know this may sound impossible but would it help to start again? Would that help the problems you have been having? I am not quite sure the problems you are having but it sounds like prayers are needed for whoever is being unkind to you. Please don’t be discouraged. I hope that everyting gets ironed out soon and yes God will bring good from it….He always does with our trials.
      thank you for your kind words about my blog…I too enjoy yours. yes it is a blessing to have come to know you in this blogging adventure! GOd bless you abundantly Anne and Happy New Year.

  14. Oh, shoot, I’m such an idiot! I nominated you for the Candle Lighter Award–only to pay closer attention, and see that you already have it. OOOO, am I gonna be in trouble now??? Guess you could just skip the fol-de-rol and Be Blessed Big Again!! xxoo

  15. You are so funny….thank youfor your kindness. The Candle Lighter Award is truly a beautiful recognition. I love that the “fol-de-rol…even in your comments your words dance Caddo Veil! I am blessed big again…truly thank you. God Bless you!

    • Well, here we go again, Sis–I’m passing on the “One Lovely Blog Award” to you. There’s less fol-de-rol this time, (thank you Lord!)–if that matters to you–although I’m getting kind of good at this! (She said modestly) I’ll put my speech up tomorrow or the next day, if you want to stop by! God bless you Big, as always–“Dancing Caddo”

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    • One of my favorite children’s stories that teach us what it means to be “real” . thank you Anne as I have posted on your blog…this was such a gift to read and to see it sent my way. You are a true blessing…don’t ever forget it!
      Blessings of Peace and Joy!

  17. You somehow found your way to my blog and my daily encouragement post yesterday, and I followed you back here. You have a wonderful blog and your manner of speaking regarding the things of the Lord are wonderful, as well. I will sign up and partake of your uplifting messages! God bless you!

  18. Hello, dear! Just popping by to tell you I’ve nominated you for the “Seven x Seven Link Award”–do you have room on your awards shelf? Have a blessed day!

    • Caddo Veil….you are truly my blessing friend! Thank you so much for this nomination..I don’t know much about this award but will check it out on your site. Many blessings…..BIG blessings as you would say, lol!

  19. Hello…thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministry. I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st.

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    • thank you for this beautiful power point…and thank you for all the time you spent making it. A true labor of love. You have blessed me. And now I pray for abundant blessings for you and Ron and as well!

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  24. I am a heart person too, although I try to hide it sometimes behind a facade of intellectualism.

    Soar Little One…

  25. Hi J, there is a very important need… our Blogging friends Wendy and Bob, our Brothers and Sisters in The Lord, are going through a very hard time, Wendy had a heart attack and is in a coma, Bob is asking us as Christians to pray for her, all the details are on my Blog.

    Christian Love Anne.

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