Mirror of Reflection….

If Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…

If eyes are the window of the soul…

Beauty seen is a reflection of our Beauty within.

We have all known ah ha moments when Beauty catches our breath.

A pause as it sinks within.

Then we too must BELIEVE in the beauty within.

Extravagant, unique.

No two of us the same.

Yes, BELIEVE in this Beauty within.

The stamp of the Creator, His Divine image.

Heart within heart.

Let the scales fall from clouded eys. Vision restored.


Life IS beautiful. Your life IS beautiful. All life IS beautiful.

You are a reflection of Beauty.

“Before I formed you in the womb I  knew you, before you were born I dedicated you….” Jer 1:3


7 thoughts on “Mirror of Reflection….

  1. This brought tears to my eyes my friend, so well though out and guided as you showed me that though I see only my stains of the day God sees a beautiful me that is pure and clean. The scripture verse at the end was a perfectchoice too, as if God himself were speaking from my screen. Thanks for a great post! -WATW

  2. I love your way with words. It is an amazing thing to be touched by this beauty. We were created to be beautiful and to be captivated by beauty. I’m am so thankful that God is the essence of Beauty. If only the world would open its eyes 🙂

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