Desire for God is written on our hearts…

is written on all hearts.

How often this desire becomes buried in the coldness of self and sin.

FAITH is our RESPONSE to God’s revealing Himself to us.

 What is a Faith that refuses to speak?

What is a Faith that refuses to see?

What is a Faith that refuses to hear?

A Faith not responding, is a Faith buried.

Faith is the conversation of our lives with God Almighty.

Others depend on the light our faith emits..

just as the light of others helps to illumine our paths.

This day throw off the bushel basket from your light of faith.

Unbury your heart and the desire within to respond.

Let your light, immersed in Him who is the Light of the world shine forth radiantly through you!

Faith is a response.

“Your friends  make known, O Lord, the glorious splendor of your Kingdom” Ps 145


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