One size fits all? Do it yourself?…

Struggling in a one- size- fits- all holiness?

Trying to put on Christ like your best friend, your spouse, your neighbor, some character in a book?

Are you a do it yourself-er?

Holiness isn’t about being like everyone else.

Cookie cutter people we are not….

“Do it yourself-er”, “I am the maker of me” people we are not!

You are a “once in a lifetime”, they “broke the mold” after you, unique gift of a person.

Created by Him who is Love, molded in His mighty grace.

It takes courage to be the real you…

But when we live our uniqueness clothed in Christ…

it gives permission for others around us to be real!


Lions and tigers and bears in your life?

The Holy Spirit fills you with the courage…

to be who you are and be that well!

Surrender to His grace.

Be the best you today….God needs you!

“I have told you this so that you might have peace in Me.  In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world”. John 16:33


3 thoughts on “One size fits all? Do it yourself?…

  1. I love this posting and as correct as you are I wish I was in the same mold as my husband because everybody loves him, he radiates and he’s kind and doesn’t pay any attention to the small stuff. He lives life to the fullest, I want and desire to be that person you described above but I am truly struggling and I have lived my life in such a difficult manner why this mold? Well, I may not be in the same mold as you or my husband but like you said “I have to be the best me I can be.” Thanks for your posting.

    • I think we all struggle to be “the best me”. It’s a lifetime journey. But a beautiful prayer is to ask the Lord for the grace to see yourself as He sees you…that is when the realization of the unique gift each of us are becomes clear . May God bless you on this journey deeper into His heart.

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