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A wise person once told me…

“Leave every place behind better than you found it.  Leave a bit of beauty.”

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In a world that mars Beauty by twisting the beautiful into the ugly and promoting the ugly as beautiful.

Our vision has become distorted.  Deceit saturates truth.

But the Love of God is written on our hearts…

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 And the strength of the Spirit within can bring forth beauty and truth through us.

Leaving bits of beauty behind…

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Untangles the knots of the enemy’s destruction.

Bits of Beauty can be as simple as…

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A smile, a kind word, a hug, a generous act, a song, a single flower…

Bits of beauty left behind paves the way…

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A signpost on the road to heaven.

Be a Beauty signpost this weekend.  Leave bits of beauty behind you for others on this trail home.

“From Zion God shines forth, perfect in beauty.” Ps 50:2


10 thoughts on “Signposts…

  1. I hope to hang on to this truth today: “the Spirit within can bring forth beauty and truth through us” (and rely on God’s Spirit instead of my own strength). Thank you for a beautiful post.

  2. I like the be a “Beauty Signpost.” Leaving bits of beauty for others is something I am going to keep in my heart. You are so blessed by God. I thank Him so that He has blessed you such as this, so you can share Him with others. God Bless, SR

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