A Trip To The Manger…

Let us in these days before Christmas take a trip in prayer to the empty manger…

image via chasingafterhearts.blogspot.com

Let us kneel down in the prickly straw, feel the cold drafty air up on us…

image via elephantjournal.com

and smell the somewhat stink of the animals’ living space.

image via bookwormroom.com

 Let us see within our hearts those places most in need of Our Savior.

image via nehali.blogspot.com

Within this posture of receiving let us wait in joyful expectancy and holy longing for the coming of the Messiah more deeply into our hearts.

So that in the holy hush of Christmas with hopeful hearts of “YES”…

image via sandradodd.com

we may walk forward to receive and be transformed, believe and be set free, adore and soar to the heavenly heights…

image via wayoflife.org

Receive, Believe, and Adore.


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