Be Someone’s “Leaven in the Dough”…

How many times have we forgotten to say thank you? How many people have we forgotten to thank?

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 It may be someone living in our house, a dear friend, an acquaintance, or even a perfect stranger.

We may have been too distracted or too busy…

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or thought we deserved it or took it for granted.

But we missed a graced moment…an opportunity to begin a chain of contagious thanks.

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There are many sweet souls in our midst that are doing “little things with great love”.

Do we notice them?

They are the “leaven in the dough” assisting the kingdom of God to rise.

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They are the “salt that has not lost its flavor”.

They come in all shapes and sizes…

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The spouse that brings home carry out when you’ve had a long day…the girl at the sandwich shop that always remembers you like extra onions on your sub…the neighbor who picks up your paper when you are travelling…the bagger at the grocery store who ties the tops of your bags so they are easier to carry…the housekeeper that takes the time to pull the dead leaves off your favorite but forgotten houseplant…the church memeber who often says, “I am praying for you.”…the volunteer who goes the extra mile filling in when others have slacked off…the gas attendant who reminds you to have a blessed day…the gentleman who always opens the door…the teenage child who sends a random I LOVE YOU MOM text…

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It’s all those who stopped to smile and say hello…all those who let you pull in front of them in busy traffic.

It’s all those who have passed on a funny joke, left a “like” on your blog, or pointed out the beauty of the sunset or the clouds in the sky.

For all those little ones too numerous to count who have come in and through my life…

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I thank you!

And to show my thanks I lift you up to heaven and ask the Lord to shower you abundantly with His blessings of peace, love, and joy. May you know how much He loves you for being His hands and feet, His words and heart, in this world sometimes too busy to give thanks.

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Little ones, God knows who you are…and in His eyes you are the great ones.

Will you join me in giving thanks for the “leaven in the dough”ers and the “salt that hasn’t lost their flavor”ers?

Christmas is about giving…let us thank these little, great ones…better yet let us become someone else’s “leaven in the dough” or “salt that hasn’t lost its flavor”.

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Heard it said that gratitude is the foundation of spirituality. How stable is the path you are walking?

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“Blest the Lord, my soul; all my being, bless His holy name! Bless the Lord, my soul; do not forget all the gifts of God.”

Ps 103:1-2

Please feel free to add your thanks for the little, great ones in your life in the comment section below.


20 thoughts on “Be Someone’s “Leaven in the Dough”…

  1. This is amazingly wonderful, yet again. Not to brag, but I go out of my way to follow your advice–sometimes getting odd looks in response, but more often it does seem to make folks’ days. So I guess it’s more than worth the few people who think I’m “over the top”. God bless you this day–immensely!

  2. Dear J you just touched my heart and brought back a flood of memories, I hope you don’t mind if I share one. I had never created a Power Point before but wanted to try, so I asked a friend what her favourite flower was and she said a Carnation, I was not that impressed thinking, red and white and red and white combined, not much variety I thought but didn’t want to disappoint her.

    Wow! as I started to create the P.P finding differant Carnations from websites I dissolved into tears, the variety and colours were awesome and I hadn’t really noticed until then, I had never taken the time to, I had never thanked God for the beauty of His creation and I was grieved, but now I can’t pass a flower, tree, meadow, Ocean, Mountain, etc without praising God and often as I create I have tears of Joy .. how Awesome is our God of Love and Wonder … Thank you for that memory, I Love you in The Lord my Sister J and I’m very grateful for the beauty I see in your heart of thankfulness.

    Christian Love Anne.

  3. What a wonderful story! It is amazing if we stop and think of the wonderful colors in nature…all for us! I think of that often with the clouds…each day a different show for us the audience…but are we noticing? Or do we just expect it? I don’t know about you Anne…but I never want to be one of those people that just expect it…because when that happens you no longer see the beauty. God’s blessings on you this day!

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