I Can’t?…

Ever said I can’t to God?…

image via playingmom.com

Fist clenched, foot stomping, I can’t, I won’t to God?

Your ways are not my ways, my ways are better, I can’t God.

image via biblepicturedictionary.com

Camel squeezing through the eye of a needle too rich in rebellion, selfishness, pride, I can’t God?

Struggle continues…Chaos reigns.

Ever said I can’t to God?

image via heartsunbroken.wordpress.com

Little girl, little boy, weak whimper from within, I can’t God?

I’m lost, alone, drowning, tear-filled, I can’t God?

image via sacredheartdunnc.org

I am weak, you are strong, hide me in your heart, I can’t God?

Mighty arms bend down into the lowliness…

image via ruinedfortheordinary.com

Drawn into the embrace of God…

Wrapped in His love…Consumed in grace.

Together, united, as one…


“Jesus looked at them and said, “For human beings it is impossible, but not for God.  all things are possible for God.”

Mark 10: 27


16 thoughts on “I Can’t?…

    • Isn’t it wonderful how God shows Himself in some of the most unusual and sometimes the most ordinary ways?…if our eyes are open to see and our hearts are open to believe. Little love notes throughout the day. Blessings.

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