TIckets to the Desert…

Have you ever traveled to the desert?

There is a strange beauty about the desert that is foreign to our eyes.

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Our eyes are not accustomed to its beauty so we easily dimiss it.

And yet the desert is a place of discovery.

We begin a journey now into the desert as we prepare our hearts for Easter.

No need to pack anything for this trip…we bring with us our own baggage of false self and strongholds.

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The Spirit drives us into the desert through the restlessness of our hearts…

and gives us two questions that quicken our steps…

What keeps me from giving everything to Jesus?

What am I going to get out of the way that blocks Jesus’ merciful love in my life?

These two questions are our entrance tickets into the desert.

Here we will come face to face with our false self and our strongholds…

And we will wrestle…yes we will wrestle.

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But in the wrestling there is a letting go…

And in the letting go we will discover the beauty of the desert…

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and in the discovery of the beauty we will be filled with the LOVE that molds us into our true selves.

“Streams will burst forth in the desert.” Is 35:6b



12 thoughts on “TIckets to the Desert…

  1. The beauty in the desert is the light of love from Our Lord’s eye upon all His creation. After we let go of all the “stuff” that blocks our path to run into His waiting arms. then we are in that beautiful desert place with Him, where streams of joy burst forth!

  2. Excellent, excellent word, Sister!! I really appreciate it today, as it will help me focus my prayers and meditation on His Word. God bless you abundantly today and always.

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