Slice of Life…

The ins and outs of our everyday lives…our routines…our patterns…

Do you see the EXTRAORDINARY in the ORDINARY of your daily “slice of life”?

How quickly our vision dims at the beauty before us….The beauty in the ordinary.

Is it…”Oh no, here comes a new day?”

image via fromtheheartofj

Or, the beauty of the morning light splashed upon the pillow?

Is it, “Is the back yard flooded again?!”

image via fromtheheartofj

Or the depth of reflection in a mud puddle?

Is it, “Busy, busy day…no time to cook dinner.”

image via fromtheheartofj

Or the joy of conversation over take-out?

The things that matter most are treasures hidden in our unique “slice of life”

I have been abundantly blessed to participate in the “Slice of Life” Project e-course taught by talented, beauty seeker, Seattle based photographer, Darrah Parker.

image via

With Darrah’s assistance and inpirational encouragement, photographers from all over the world (thanks to the internet) have reclaimed the beauty of the ordinary of their lives through the lens of their cameras. There are pros with fancy cameras all the way to beginners with point and shoot or camera phones all learning and being blessed by the sharing of the ordinary turned extraordinary…a beauty treasure hunt.

Darrah on her website shares about the class,

image via

“Have you ever wanted to stop time? Hold a moment in your hands? Capture a slice of your life and turn into a treasure? In the Slice of Life Project, you will dig beneath the surface of your everyday life with your trusty camera by your side and unearth the beauty that has been there all along.”

“The Slice of Life approach to photography is a way of seeing, noticing, and appreciating the nuances and details that make your life special. It’s a way of embracing and honoring the imperfections in yourself, your loved ones, your messy kitchen, and cluttered shelves. It’s about saying that your life is just right the way it is.”

“This workshop will not require the perfect camera or fancy lenses or knowledge of ISO, aperture, or shutter speed. It won’t even require you to get out of your pajamas or make your bed! It will only require you to show up with a camera (ANY camera), an open mind, and a creative spirit.”

Registration is now open for the next class beginning April 6…take this 6 week retreat and rediscover the beauty in your life! Go to the website  for more details.

Beauty leads to wonder and awe…beauty leads to gratitude…beauty leads to praise!

And we were created to be a people of praise and thanksgiving!

May you be blessed this day with the recognition of the beauty in your life!


13 thoughts on “Slice of Life…

  1. Cool course. Love your photography. Thanks for sharing your slice of life. You are incredibly right: The little blessings are the VERY best. Global thinking gets a little stinkin. 🙂

  2. “Beauty leads to wonder and awe…beauty leads to gratitude…beauty leads to praise!—yes it certainly does, just as the beauty of this post leads me to be so very grateful for your blog and this post!

  3. Indeed, I am filled to overflowing with gratitude and praise–He has made something beautiful of the scraps of my life!! Yay, God! Thanks, Sis–have a much-blessed day.

    • Your words really touch me Debbie…I’ve been contemplating recently how does a Christian define “beauty”….what would you say? It’s been interesting to learn how many words the Jewish people had for beauty. BLessings.

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