Real Silly for Saturday # 7…

Leprechaun with rainbow

Image via Wikipedia

To get you in the mood….St. Patrick’s Day is only one week away.

This news story put us in Alabama on the map and still 6 years later people still tease us in Mobile.

Watch to see why below..


Have a joyful and blessed weekend!


10 thoughts on “Real Silly for Saturday # 7…

  1. OK, that was really funny! 😉 Not sure how you’re going to find your pot of gold in the dark if he disappears from the trees whenever you shine a light on him. He’s one clever, unlikely to be caught leprechaun!

  2. Nothing like the sighting of a leprechaun to complete the magic of St. Paddy’s day, is there? Wonderful way to put Mobile on the map, I say! My dear son was born there, after all!

    • We have been teased for years about that news story….it even made the national news and there’s a rap song on it. How wonderful to know that your son was born here. BLessings Granbee!

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