Temporary Insanity?….

When one learns the truth…hears the truth…is convicted by the truth…

image via christdrivenmom.blogspot.com


Isn’t it “temporary insanity” to believe the deceits that violate the truth?

The core of us is not death and decay…

The core of us is LIFE…God Himself present within!

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We must hold captive thoses thoughts that speak deceit …

and turn them over to Jesus…to the foot of the cross!

image via nathanmartin.blogspot.com

“And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32


10 thoughts on “Temporary Insanity?….

  1. OH, this is SO wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, Sis!! Thanks for the clear reminder today!! God bless you–love, sis Caddo

  2. Hey From the Heart,

    I am once again back and this time asking for your prayers, wisdom and spiritual advice that you always so lovingly give to me. You can read why on http://bearingheavycrosses.wordpress.com It has been a very hard month and a half. I am just now coming to terms with things. Thank you and God Bless, SR

    • SR I did visit your blog…and my heart is heavy for you as you walk this way of the cross. You and yours are in my prayers in a special way. Please find peace in the prayers of others lifting ya’ll up at this time. God bless you SR

  3. I know you did and I thank you so for the words of wisdom that somehow I always seem to count on with you. I do so find peace in the prayers of others, as I find it difficult at times to find the words. God Bless, SR

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