Cracked Pot…Restored…

Do you ever feel like a cracked pot?

Leaking from various cracks and crevices?…

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You may not even be aware of it until you find yourself exhausted mentally, physically, spiritually…

your joy long misplaced.

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In answer to our pleading prayer, the Heavenly Father adds water of grace….kneads us back to mold-able…pushing and  pulling the grace into the hardened areas…into the air pockets of our self made plans and mind, body, spirit disarray…

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remolding us…refashioning us…into our unique, one of a kind shape.

He throws us up on the pottery wheel…

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Spinning us over and over again until dizzy with the motion…

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The wheel stops and we are thrown into the kiln.  Fire baking us, setting us, strengthening us to be that vessel which once again may hold the grace given..the love poured in…in order to be poured out.

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Surrendering into the Potter’s hands we are molded into the masterpiece of who we are.

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Giving Him permission to shape us into glory.

“Yet, O Lord, you are our father; we are the clay and you the potter; we are all the work of your hands.” Is 64:7


19 thoughts on “Cracked Pot…Restored…

  1. This reminds me of Patsy Claimont’s book: God Uses Cracked Pots! Yes, He does – thankfully – my cracks are showing all over the place. 😀

  2. Oh, yes…I have definitey felt like I was cracked…and letting my good thoughts and knowledge leak out…Then I feel HIS hands on me…remolding me as you say…and finally the true test of fireing me again…to get me restored to who HE knows I am…Thanks!…so wonderfully put! ~mkg

  3. I love this, especially “spirit disarray”–that is SO how I felt all day yesterday, but today I’m much better, thank you God!

  4. The Refiner’s fire is painful, and now I know why I have been feeling this way and I am glad that I am not alone. Through all of this I felt like there was nobody that understood. But the fire is immense and the pressure is immense, and I don’t seem to be bearing any fruit out of all of this. But God listens and I am appreciative that someone else knows what I am going through. My spiritual, mental, physical disarray has been a whole month, so then it has been hard. I am learning that sometimes it is ok to go see a doctor.

    • No you are not alone….the fire is painful but you are being molded into the masterpiece that you are! It’s a healing process at the same time and yes God too works through doctors to bring his healing touch. God bless you kingdomofGodservantv4…you will be in my prayers in a special way this day.

  5. “Giving Him permission to shape us into glory.” What a wonderful set of statements and verses and photos to bring home how very truly “He is the potter; I am the clay.” I especially enjoyed the phrase, “the water of grace.”

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