Hurricane Isaac and the Shopping Cart Shuffle…

Hurricane Watch notifications awaken us this morning. Residents of the Gulf Coast….Be prepared, Isaac has his eye on you.

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 Two to three days away people go into automatic hurricane pilot mode. Response team trailers and electric company bucket trucks from neighboring states beginning to arrive, parked in hotel lots.

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Walmart  filled with those looking to beat the crowds.  Water, sandwich stuff, bread, charcoal, drinks, paper products, matches, batteries, tarps, oh yes a new rake –check, check check. Beer for the hubby? That will have to wait until after 1pm – the blue laws !

 In the busy-ness of the shopping cart shuffle thoughts turn to Jesus rebuking the storm…turning the anxiousness of the apostles into peace. As I so easily pick up supplies, prayers are lifted up for our brothers and sisters in Haiti and Cuba who have already borne the brunt of Isaac.

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Prayers are lifted up for all those whose hearts are still broken from the devestation of Katrina…lives forever changed… the impact of these emotions a deja-vu as Isaac aims for the Gulf Coast, expected to strike on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Grocery store intercession…the power of prayer in the midst of the shuffle.

Here where Southern hospitality reigns neighbors and friends are checking on neighbors and friends in a “what can I do to help you prepare?” kind of way. But we are NOT putting out the welcome mat for you Isaac! Our windows will be shuttered and we will all be inside..

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Worshippers gathering in Churches this Sunday all over the Gulf Coast will be lifting up fervent prayers…interceding for those already affected…believing in miracles….and thanking God for His presence with us.

Please join us in prayer.

Abundant blessings to you this Sunday, From the Heart of J



12 thoughts on “Hurricane Isaac and the Shopping Cart Shuffle…

  1. Our Heavenly Father, I come to You, Father, in praise and worship. You are the Almighty King who reins over the heavens, and who sits upon Your Eternal throne, and looks down upon us as Your, Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ sits at Your right hand. Father, I know that You know all things, and that You have all power. I know that there is nothing and no one beyond Your control and Your ability. You are All in All. Heavenly Father, I come to You, on behalf, of these people who are living in the path of this hurricane, Isaac, that is bearing down upon them. Father, I ask You, in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus, to stay this storm, to bind it, if it be in Your will to do so. Heavenly Father, this is first and foremost my prayer, that Your desire and that Your will and Purpose be accomplished for I know that You see things with an eternal perspective, and that sometimes what we view as tragedy is only the means by which Great and Awesome things for Your Eternal Kingdom can be brought unto fruition. Help us to know, Father, and to realize that there is always purpose and design in all that happens, and that for those of us who truly love You, all will be brought aright, as Your Eternal plan is to make this earth and it’s people perfect and holy as You are.

    Heavenly Father, for those who are in the path of this storm, I pray that You would give them wisdom, Father, and that they will seek Your face, and look to Your for their guidance and protection knowing Father, that it is You, and only You, who can see them through not only this storm, but the storms of life that ensue us from time to time. Father, I pray Your peace upon them, and I ask You, Father, to give them strength and courage, to meet whatever challenges come before them knowing that with You there is nothing so great that You cannot see them through. I pray, Heavenly Father, that You will work through Your people to bring comfort, compassion, and care to those who may be affected, and that You will bring to those who need strong arms and hands to extend love, and grace, and help to those who may be for one reason or another unable to adequately help themselves. I pray, Father, that You will use this as You use all things, to give witness not only unto Your power, but unto Your Great and Eternal Love, as shown through our Precious Lord, Jesus. And those of us who follow Him.

    Heavenly Father, to You be the Glory, the Power, and the Praise, and may we all joyfully proclaim Your name come what may as we set our faces to look upon You, and to look to You to provide for us, and to take care of us, as You have ever been faithful to do. Forgive us where we have failed You. May we bless and honor He who has the name above every other name, Jesus. In that most precious name, we pray. Amen.

  2. Jesus spoke to the storm and it calmed. He said “greater things than I did shall you also do”. He assured us that He’ll do whatever we ask in His name, as long as it’s in the Father’s will. Let’s learn from Him and speak to the storm.
    “Hurricane Isaac, Peace! Be still!!” In Jesus Name.

  3. I am definitely joining with you in fervent prayers–and seeing Jesus rebuke Isaac! He is sovereign in all situations. God bless you “bigger than the storm”! Much love to you–sis Caddo

  4. Without a doubt, there are many prayers reaching the heavens for everyone in the path of this storm. I am praying, as i know many are. Heed the warnings for safety and give the storm to God Almighty! For in the turmoil, He bring joy, peace and glory to His name…

  5. Even though the Weather Channel is now predicting a more westward inland path for Isaac (missing Alabama, except for fringe rains), I, too, have been very caught up in storm tracking this past weekend. Let us ALL simple BE WITH HIM!

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