Becoming the Treasure…

image via from the heart of j

image via from the heart of j

“The gift which we received from Christ Jesus in Holy Baptism is not destroyed, but is only buried as a treasure in the ground.  And both common sense and gratitude demand that we should take good care to unearth this treasure and bring it to light. Therefore, my friends, I urge you,

Become what you already are…

Find Him who is already yours…

Listen to Him who never ceases speaking to you…

Own Him who already owns you.

(St. Gregory of Sinai)

Do you know/remember the date of your Baptism? Do you celebrate this “birth”day? Do you pass this tradition on to your children, family and friends? Certainly we should celebrate intensely the day we became children of God and celebrate this day with all our family in Christ.

Today is the remembrance of the Baptism of the Lord…may we offer thanks for the gift given, although not deserved, and let this treasure be a light to all those who are still searching.


6 thoughts on “Becoming the Treasure…

  1. I especially like that part about “Become what you already are.” St. John says that God’s seed abides in us. Perhaps the key to living out our faith is to actually believe that we are God’s children and can expect to “take after” Him.

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