Emptiness turned Openness


As Lent continues, I am coming to a deep understanding…

the giving up creates room in my heart…

an emptiness…

So many of us live in a culture of such fullness within our hearts and minds…

Have we become like the innkeeper who shouts, “There is no room here!” shunning the Lord?

To know God requires an emptying of self and yet cannot emptiness become openness?

It’s in the way we envision it…emptiness or openness.

Emptiness transformed by grace becomes an openness in which the fullness of praise can erupt.

Lord, I seek you in my emptiness…and I find you Lord in the openness.


4 thoughts on “Emptiness turned Openness

  1. That’s a good word! If only people would 1) recognizes the emptiness and “a need” or hole in their life and 2) fill it with the only 1 thing that can truly fulfill it: God.

    It’s sad that people will try to fill that emptiness with worldly things: material goods, companionship, status, jobs, alcohol, drugs – the list goes on and on. But only until we recognize the need of a Savior and fill it with …. well … THE SAVIOR can they (and we) completely be whole!

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