A New Invitation…

picture credit: J Jackson

picture credit: J Jackson

Suppose as you woke this morning, as you first opened your eyes, an image of Jesus with an outstretched hand was before you.

His outstretched hand reaching out to you in invitation…

How would this affect your day? Would you live your day differently?

Specifically, what would His hand outstretched in invitation say to you personally?


In your fears of the day…in your worries…in your trials…in your concerns…in your difficult moments


In your joys of the day…in your ponderings…in your prayers…in your conversations…in the movements of your day…in the everything of your day…


And yet, each day is a new beginning, filled with new graces, a new calling, a new invitation to take hold of His hand and walk…a new day with Him, Lord and Savior.

Yes, this day, Jesus with His hand outstretched to you in invitation is truly before you…

How will you live your day differently?


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