Beyond the Dot to Dots…

Man between the lines…

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We are mind, body, soul and spirit…not just the sum of what is seen exteriorly.

But when sin entered the world man was fractured into parts no longer whole.

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The world continues to promote the broken man…

“Live for yorself”…”discover the fountain of youth so you can always look young”…”if it feels good do it”.

And in our relationships we often relate to others in this broken way.

But Jesus came to put all the pieces back together.

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Sparks fly when we relate to to others as the whole person they are before us.

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We are seeing them as God sees them and speaking to them in their wholeness even in their brokenness.

The transfiguration is a reality to us.

We are men and women beyond the lines….beyond the dot to dots.

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Lord may I be given the grace to see the dignity of the whole person in myself and before me.  Let my eyes not remain fixed on the broken pieces but on the Glory of the Divine Image before me.”