Will You Be My Valentine?…

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Will you be my Valentine? Will you be my friend?….which is to say…

Will you let me give you my unconditional Love? Will you accept my peace for your tired and worn self?

Will you receive my mercy and forgiveness? Will you believe in my Love when everyone else has gone away or given up on you?

Will you be generous enough to take my love to others when they need you?

Will you be bread to the hungry, love to my needy, hope to my desolate?

Will you trust me to always companion you? Will you lay down your life for me?

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Will you be my Valentine? Will you be my friend?

I listen to the invitation…I look within and find “yes” answers in my own February heart.

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“Yes” because of dear friends who have graced my days with love.

Their hearts are plainly flesh and earthen, yet they touch me to Your goodness.

Their hearts are weak and wounded, yet they mend the torn in me.

Their hearts are tired and troubled, yet they’ve time to give me rest.

My friends are loving pathways leading home.

Home to where You are. Oh Lover of all hearts.

And so, I respond humbly, gratefully,

“You know everything.  You know I want to be Your Valentine.”

(Joyce Rupp)

“He said to him a third time, “Simon, son of  John do you love me?” and he said to him, “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.” John 21:17

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 Happy Valentine’s Day!


Messengers Among Us…

Friends…true friends…are the greatest of gifts.

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A true friend gives a bit of his/her golden heart…

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May we return the blessing.

A true friend is strong when we are weak…

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May we return the blessing.

A true friend reminds us to look towards the light when all seems dim…

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May we return the blessing.

A true friend offers to lend us his/her Hawaiin shirt when we just have to “get outa’ here”, but usually encourages us to stay put and persevere.

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May we return the blessing.

A true friend knows how to make us laugh when we’d rather cry…

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but sits with us through the tears when they start to fall.

May we return the blessing.

A true friend is a messenger among us showing us the love of God and pointing to us the direction upward and beyond.

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May we return the blessing.

Messengers among us preparing our way….may we return the blessing.

Messengers among us…gifts from God….

Let us thank those messengers among us in our lives…

And may they return the blessing.

“I give thanks to my God always, remembering you in my prayers” Phil:4