The Word…

Lord, who can grasp all the wealth of just one of your Words?

What we understand is much less than what we leave behind…

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Like thirsty people who drink from a fountain.

Your Word, Lord, has so many shades of meaning, just as those who study it have many points of view.

The Lord has colored His Word with many hues, so that each person who studies it can see in it what he loves.

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He has hidden many treasures in His Word, so that each of us is enriched as we meditate on it.

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The Word of God is a tree of life that from all its parts offers you fruit that is blessed.

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It is like that rock that is open in the dessert, which from all its parts give forth a spiritual drink.

(Ephraim the Syriac, Deacon from the 4th century)

“Your Word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path.” Ps 119: 105

Have a blessed Sunday.