Getting Purposely Lost…

image: from the heart of j

image: from the heart of j

Who gave permission for the “should be’s” and the “should have beens” to rule my life? The “should be’s” propel one into the future and the “should have beens” chain one to the past. Hushing the holler is key to living in the present…in the here and now…in the wonder of the moment…within the Great I Am.

Recently I had an appointment in a nearby, small town. I had had a week of the “should be” “should have been” sing song. Straddling between the past and the present is exhausting! And in the noise, I had misread my planner and arrived an hour early. And so I thought…what would it be like if I got lost for an hour…purposely lost?

And so I did.

I noticed the humorous names of stores, observed whole flocks of birds flying overhead, learned about the town’s large but friendly squirrels, smiled at all the dogs lounging as if it was Saturday, read interesting historical markers, and marveled at all the people walking about.

The more lost I got…the din of the “should be’s” and “should have beens” lessened.

Purposely getting lost ushered me into the wow of what’s  happening and the simplicity of the scene before me.

There is power in the present…It is there we find true peace. Getting purposely lost from time to time must make God smile…getting purposely lost was just what the Divine Physician ordered.


These Boots are Made for Walking…

image via from the heart of j

image via from the heart of j

These boots are made for walking…right into the New Year 2016. How will you enter into the New Year? We are hearing a lot about resolutions, but as a positive psychology practitioner, I would like to point out…

Resolutions focus on changing something we perceive as wrong in our lives. Beginning with the negative often ends in the negative.  How about starting 2016 with the positive? With ONE WORD. ONE WORD that represents a new focus, a new outlook, a special quality that marks the way ahead.  Words are powerful…a single word can inspire, motivate, connect, build up and forge a path forward when that ONE WORD becomes a signpost on our journey.  I challenge each of you to prayerfully ask God to reveal to you ONE WORD, YOUR ONE WORD, for the path ahead this year. Then post this word somewhere you frequent, ponder it, chew on it, allow it to transform your faith filled, journey ahead!  (partially re-posted from New Year 2015, because I know how powerful this New Year’s tradition can become in your life and the lives of your loved ones. Listen to their words as well and let that guide your prayers for them for the upcoming year)

Your boots will walk right into the New Year with a positive, faith filled stride!

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language…And next year’s words await another voice.” T. S. Eliot

Happy New Year 2016

From the Heart of J

Walking Each Other Home…


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image via

We are all just walking each other home…

In the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful…

we are all just walking each other home.

Our lives intersect and collide, bump into and bounce off of…

And yet we are all just walking each other home.

In our clumsy, wobbly way of journeying…

infused with grace…

we are all just walking each other home.

The Grace to Receive…the Courage to Give

image via versusbattle,com

image via versusbattle,com

This season we each have received a gift…

The renewal of our salvation.

But you ask…how can I unwrap this gift? how can I live this gift? how can this gift, this year, make more of a difference in my life?

how can I receive this gift more deeply…with more conviction, more conscientiously, with more charity, with more celebration in my heart?

how can I be that convicted, conscientious, charitable, celebrative Christian that is leaven, light, salt in the world?

The answer is simple..

To receive the gift more deeply…we must give the gift away more freely.

For it is in the giving, that we receive.

For the grace to receive more deeply, may I have the courage to give more freely!

Reading the Compass…

image via from the heart of j

image via from the heart of j

“To hear ourselves talk about God, we might think that God is some kind of satellite navigational aid on life’s dashboard.

We think that if we listen hard enough we will hear the divine signals coming through keep right, take the next exit, take a left in half a mile. But it isn’t so easy!

We have to make every choice ourselves, but not alone.

The wisdom we have is not in some add-on gadget, but within us.

God’s guidance is not a GPS-device, but perhaps a compass.

God never promised an easy ride, with all decisions made for us by some divine website in the sky.

But God promises to travel with us, every mile of the way, helping us pay attention to the terrain, to notice the signs – to read the compass. ” Margaret Siff

Sand Storm of Purification…


The desert…

The place of encounter…

Inner wrestling with Truth resplendent…

Stripped of the color of everyday…

The starkness…the silence…the heat…

The sand storm of purification in the rending of the heart…

Brings an oasis of grace…peace unshakeable…spirit renewed.

“Even now, says the Lord, return to me with your whole heart, with fasting, and weeping, and mourning; Rend your hearts, not your garments, and return to the Lord, your God.” Joel 2:12-13

Blessings on your Lent. May your journey in the desert bring you ever deeper into the Heart of Jesus.

Companions of Your Pilgrimage…


In loving your neighbor and caring for him…

You are on a journey.

Where are you traveling if not to the Lord God, to Him whom we should love with our whole heart, our whole soul, our whole mind?

We have not yet reached His presence…

But we have our neighbor at our side.

Support, then, this companion of your pilgrimage if you want to come into the presence of the one with whom you desire to remain forever.  + St. Augustine

Only a Little Pencil…


“I am only a little pencil in the hand of our Lord.  He may cut or sharpen the pencil.  He may write or draw whatever and whenever He wants.  If the writing or drawing is good, we do not honor the pencil or the material that is used, but rather the one who used it. “

+ Mother Teresa of Calcutta



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Make it a habit to mingle with the characters who appear in the New Testament.

Capture the flavor of those moving scenes where the Master performs works that are both divine and human, and tells us with human and divine touches, the wonderful story of His pardon for us and His enduring love for His children.

Those foretastes of Heaven are renewed today, for the Gospel is always true!

+ St. Josemaria Escriva