Thank yous….

Thank you for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. If you haven’t visited Caddoveil’s blog please do so…she has a true gift of painting words and making them dance. Thank you caddoveil. I thoroughly enjoy your gifted writings.

So….now I must pass share ten things you may not know about me and pass this award on…

1.  I like pelicans. They are a bit funny looking…almost like they received parts from several different birds. They also look a bit clumsy, but if you have ever seen a pelican glide on the wind they are incredibly graceful. It’s a lot like all of us. We are a bit clumsy but with God’s grace we can soar.

2.  I really wish the whole world would slow down a bit and stop and smell the roses. Why do we have to be in such a hurry?

3.  I enjoy painting…splashing vibrant colors on a canvas makes me smile inside and out.

4.  If I’m wearing pink lipstick I am refusing to allow the chronic pain I live in get the best of me.

5.  Shoes are terribly overrated…even though they are cute. Being barefoot is walking like a child.

6.  Many make fun of my southern drawl…but maybe it’s everyone else who talks a bit differently!

7.  I could sit and listen to people’s stories all day long…hidden in them it’s not so hard to see the hand of God.

8.  A chiming clock makes a house a home.

9.  Praise and worship can make a cloudy day sunny.

10.  I strive to do all for the praise of God’s glory…it is for His glory I say thank you for this award.

Please check out the blogs below…I think you will enjoy them.

Thank you very much to and for nominating me for the Candle Lighter Award. Please take a moment and visit both of these blogs.  And congratulations to you both for receiving this honor. This award was created by Kate Kresse and you can read more about it at

This award (according to a reader of Kate’s site)  belongs to those who believe, who always survive the day and those who never stop dreaming, for those who cannot quit, and for those who keep trying and if you have that you are entitled to this award.

For the praise and glory of His name, forever and ever, amen, I sincerely express thanksgiving to Kate, to poeticjourney, for the womanatthewell, and for all those who through their blogs keep their candles burning so others may come and find light in a world that in so many ways is in darkness.

I would like to pass on the Candle Lighter Award to