Your Proud Papa…

Think of all the ways you profess your faith….

openly whenever necessary…sometimes in words, mostly in actions.

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Think of all the ways you confidently bear witness to your faith…

spreading it to those who cross your path.

Think of all the ways daily you acknowledge Jesus before others.

“Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father.” ( Matt 10:32)

Therefore you, who acknowledge Jesus before others, know that the Father acknowledges you!

Your heavenly Father, your Abba, sees you not just as part of a crowd…

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He knows you intmately, individually, uniquely.

As children often seek attention from their earthly fathers…

how glorious to think that Jesus speaks of you to the Father.

(Yes, we know the Father knows all, but sometimes to cultivate joy and gratitude from the heart, we need to become that little child again).

Jesus at the right hand of the Father speaks to Him of you!

You are a topic of their conversation.

Receive this joy deeply of how proud your Heavenly Papa is of you…

Let it sink within adding fire to your steps of charity.

Yes, you have acknowledged Jesus before others…and He has acknowledged you before the Father.

Your Heavenly Papa is proud of you.

He sees you. You are not just hidden in a crowd.

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You are His child – a son or daughter of God.

May this day you know the powerful embrace of love that comes from your proud heavenly Father.

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