Hope is a little girl…

With the box kicked open,

It’s time to unpack.

Slowly, sometimes painfully, discarding the old

to bring forth the new.

The gift in the growing?

“What surprises me, says God, is hope.  And I can’t get over it.  This little hope who seems like nothing at all. This little girl hope Immortal.  … Faith is a loyal Wife. Charity is a Mother.  An ardent mother, noble-hearted.  Or an older sister who is like a mother.”

HOPE is a little girl, nothing at all.”

image by chicks57 via Flickr

“This little hope moves forward in between her two older sisters and one scarcely notices her.  On the path to salvation, on the earthly path, on the rocky path of salvation, on the interminable road, on the road in between her two older sisters the little hope pushes on….The one on the right and and one on the left.   And they hardly ever see the one in the middle.  The little one, the one who’s still going to school.  And who walks.”

“It’s she, the little one, who carries them all.  Because Faith sees only what is.  But she, she sees what will be.  Charity loves only what is.  But she, she loves what will be.  …Hope sees what will be.  In time and for eternity. ..The little hope pushes on.  And in between her two older sisters she seems to let herself be carried.  Like a child who lacks energy to walk. and is dragged along the road in spite of herself.  But in reality it is she who moves the other two.  And who carries them, and who  moves the whole world. “

“The Portal of the Mystery of Hope”, Charles Peguy

Do the victory dance of HOPE! Can you see that you are something beautiful?

H. (hold)   O. (on to a)   P. (perspective)    E. (eternal)

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