Be Who You Are…

Wildflowers spring up in the most unexpected places.

In neglected places of forgotten tracks, popping forth from untrodden leaves, growing vividly beside abandoned structures. Often a mystery how they came to be. Flourishing without assistance. They shout their beauty in places unnoticed.

Picked from their spot…how quickly they wither and die. As if made to occupy places desolate. Making a difference just where they grow. Bringing a smile to the childlike heart. Causing a pause to the hurried traveler.

How often we pass by the wildflowers in our lives. Robbed by busy-ness, eyes glazed over.

Heavenly Father, may we aspire to shout the beauty and color of who we are…

Just by being who we are, in the fields You have placed us.

“so that we may exist for the praise of His glory, we who first hoped in Christ.” Eph 1:12


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