The Power of A Voice…

One voice crying out in the desert led many to “prepare the way of the Lord”

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One voice speaking “Yes” brought the Christ child into the world and allowed countless souls to give their lives to Christ.

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The combined voices of the shepherds,  normally disregarded by society, brought many to their knees to praise and adore the newborn King.

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The voice of one woman of questionable reputation was the first to announce the news of the Ressurection to the Apostles.

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We all have a voice and a message to speak and live.

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A voice as unique as the image of God we are created in.

A voice, infused by God’s grace, used to connect others divided by the spirit of the world.

Have you discovered your voice?  Have you discovered what your words spoken and written should truly say?

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Have you allowed God to transform your voice to be used as an instrument to unite souls?

May we be given the grace to see and believe like the shepherds and use our voices to praise and glorify God leading others to unite in belief.

Eric Whitacre, a composer, was struck by the power of one voice and this one voice led to the creation of what he calls a “happy accident”.  A young woman sent a recording via the internet of her singing one of Eric’s composed songs.  Eric was struck by the beauty of it and wondered what it would be like to unite other voices in this way.  He sent out a request over the web and was flooded with responses.  From these responses he chose 185 voice from 12 countries and created the first virtual choir.  The video below will  move you.  The power of one voice that led to the creation of many voices all in angelic harmony praising God.  All miles apart uniting in cyberspace to give glory to God.  The song “Lux Aurumque” is Latin for gold and light. The song, a poem writted by Edward Esch, is sung in Latin.  The English translation is:


Warm and heavy as pure gold

And angels sing softly

to the newborn babe.

Let us end 2011 with voices of thanksgiving for all the blessings received.  Let us welcome 2012 with voices of praise for all that is to come. And may we use our voices always for the praise of God’s glory in that unique way only we can speak.








14 thoughts on “The Power of A Voice…

  1. Thanks be to God, I have found my voice here in this blogging community and online, in general. When unknown folks out there see my words, they open their hearts. When they hear me in person, they turn off because of my appearance, my accent, my injured vocal chords, whatever.

    • Now I can’t imagine anyone turning you off Granbee…you have such a precious precious spirit about you and your words captivate! I thank you for sharing your writings with all of us. God Bless you!

  2. Amen!! May God continue to use you and your voice and writing in the coming year to reach many,wonderful post I truly enjoyed the read.Thanks for your visit and I’m glad you enjoyed it “Happy New Year”!!
    Love you 😀

  3. Hi fromtheheartofj yes very true indeed what comes from our mouths reflects our heart focus, when we lift our voices and hands in praise we show our passion, when we reach out to others with Love and compassion we are living it.

    Thank you for sharing your Godly wisdom J, many times you have touched my heart with God’s Truth.

    Christian Love Anne .

  4. I have only been blogging for 6 months, but what blessings have come from the brothers and sisters in Christ that I have met! Praise God for His love and strength. Praying God’s blessings on each and every one of the ministries working for His glory this year. May we follow His will and direction for our lives and bring Him glory.

  5. Yes what wonderful words Drusilla…I have only been blogging since September and have been blessed abundantly by all those who truly are seeking to walk in the ways of the Lord. Yes, may all we write be for His glory. Joyful Blessings!

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