Dig In…

Life can be messy…but do not be afraid…

image via fromtheheartofj

Dig in….

Forget about stumbling on the past when you are walking in the present…

Forget about getting lost in the clouds of a future that hasn’t yet arrived.

Be at peace in the “sacrament of the present moment”

Dig into the “I AM”, grace filled now.

image via fromtheheartofj

And there find the sweetness of God…the joy of His presence in the messy of the present.

“You will show me the path to life, abounding joy in your presence, the delights at your right hand forever.” Ps 16:11


12 thoughts on “Dig In…

  1. The present is that place and state wherein all is real, fresh and new. The future is not yet and the past has already gone. Neither really are any more. The present is where everything happens, everything changes, everything is real!

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