Hard Hatted, Steel Booted Disciples…


People of faith shatter the horizons of those whose feet are grounded in the world…

Forever exploring and living out the newness of the day with all its accompanying grace, they rock the world of those holding on to earthly ways.

They are the front loaders, the bulldozers, the tractor trailer work trucks building the kingdom of God bit by bit.

They are the hard hatted, steel booted, fearless of dirt and sweat disciples of today work crew.

“…your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven…” Matt6:10


2 thoughts on “Hard Hatted, Steel Booted Disciples…

  1. I really really love this, as I love everything you post–and I confess to some frustration this week, as my efforts as a strong-in-the-Faith Believer seem futile. I know I should not despair, as we can’t see Everything the Lord is doing behind the scenes–we may never know the impact of our efforts…but how I wish I could have just a glimpse. Thank you for being here, Dear Heart–you have blessed my growth in Him so much during the past 2 years. God Bless you BIGGER–much love, sis Caddo

    • God always has a plan….and one day it will all be revealed. Thank you for your kind words Caddo. To know that I have assisted in bringing your dear soul closer to Him brings me tremendous joy! Blessings on your Thanksgiving and on you and yours.

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