Beauty in the Becoming…

image via from the heart of j

image via from the heart of j

It seems particularly fitting that my last post was the first week of Lent and I am resuming the first week of Advent. This journey of the heart, as of late, has taken me through an intensive internship and onward to a second, mid-life career as a licensed counselor. My blog and all my loyal readers have been in my thoughts and in my prayers in my absence, and I anticipated the time when I could return to regular posts.   I pondered changing the name of the blog to “The Beauty in the Becoming” for that is the profound discovery I am making as I meet with my clients. But “Through Him With Him In Him” will always be home, for it is only through Him with Him and in Him that we discover the beauty in the becoming. I will resume posting and am extending anew an invitation to join me in our combined journeys of the heart through Him with Him and in Him as we each discover the beauty of our becoming.

From the Heart of J

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“Versatile Blogger ” Award…

Wow, How exciting! Thank you Michael at “Have a Dream” Blog for nominating me for this award.(Please check out Michael’s motivating blog….it’s a regular read for me!) This newbie blogger is touched. The Versatile Blogger award has a few rules up on acceptance.

Rules of Award:

1.  Nominate 15 fellow bloggers

2.  Inform bloggers of their nomination.

3.   Share 7 random thoughts about yourself.

4.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.

5.  Add the “Versatile Blogger” award pic on your post.

7 Random Things About Me:

My first name is Julianne….don’t think I’ve ever shared that.

I like to bake silly desserts that make others smile.

I really like the beach.  It recharges me.

I almost always see the glass half full…even when others think I’m crazy.

I smile a lot…at least that’s what others say.

I  like fresh flowers and almost always have some in my house, mostly from my garden.

Last but not least Through Him (Christ Jesus), With Him, In Him I strive to be.

Now Drum Roll….Fellow Bloggers I nominate are:

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Blessings on you all and keep blogging,