Divine Appointment…

“Rising very early before dawn, he left and went off to a deserted place where he prayed.”

image via 4datwoman.org

Where is your deserted place to pray? That place where you usher in the day? Wrapped in the holy hush of the new day?

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image via mooseyscountrygarden

image via 8rd.org

 Is it a prayer chair? …a nook in the garden?…on a threadbare carpet beside the bed?

Where is that place you greet the day?

That place that you bow your head and heart in humility in the truth…

image via thehourofrescue.wordpress.com

You are God…I am creature.

Where is that deserted place you pray that affirms you in love and purpose as you offer the gift of the new day to the Father?

May we know who we truly are in God in the gift of each morning and may we experience the deep abiding peace that comes from finding that deserted place ….

Which becomes our sacred place of divine appointment.