Divine Appointment…

“Rising very early before dawn, he left and went off to a deserted place where he prayed.”

image via 4datwoman.org

Where is your deserted place to pray? That place where you usher in the day? Wrapped in the holy hush of the new day?

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image via mooseyscountrygarden

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 Is it a prayer chair? …a nook in the garden?…on a threadbare carpet beside the bed?

Where is that place you greet the day?

That place that you bow your head and heart in humility in the truth…

image via thehourofrescue.wordpress.com

You are God…I am creature.

Where is that deserted place you pray that affirms you in love and purpose as you offer the gift of the new day to the Father?

May we know who we truly are in God in the gift of each morning and may we experience the deep abiding peace that comes from finding that deserted place ….

Which becomes our sacred place of divine appointment.




18 thoughts on “Divine Appointment…

  1. Always wonderful, my visits here–thank you so much for all the good words of reminder about HIM. Oh, and I really love the pic of the bench by the tree!! Have a blessed day, sister!

  2. Hi J thank you for sharing a way in which we can pray to God and yes when ever we do pray and where ever it is, we must always pray with thankfulness and reverence in our heart.

    Jesus prayed many times to the Father we see this in Scripture not just when He withdrew from the Disciples so He could be alone, God tells us to pray without ceasing and we can pray anytime even with our eyes open and while we are shopping. I talk to Jesus all the time as friends do and I listen in my heart to His instruction and sometimes like you shared J, I just rest in His arms.

    God is our Abba Father and Jesus our friend and the Holy Spirit our Comforter and Teacher, we can go freely before the Throne of God anytime offering our Love and receiving His, asking for His help according to His will and the Spirit will motivate our hearts to pray this way, we have complete freedom when we are one in Christ Jesus.

    When Jesus was on earth although He had the flesh of man and was from the line of David, He was conceived by The Holy Ghost and was in full Unity with the Father from birth but still had the limitations on the flesh, in other words He wet His nappies and had to eat and suffered pain but on the cross because of our sin He was also separated from the Father and became fully man, we know this by His words of despair but having risen He is now one with the Father in The Godhead. Jesus knew in the Garden what would happen on the cross and the evil of it caused Him such great anguish He sweat blood knowing He would be separated from the Father for the first time in His life but He still chose to die for us knowing how great was God’s Love for us and that He couldn’t bear for us to perish….Not my will but yours Father.

    Christian Love Anne.

  3. Hey, sis J–I had to come back to tell you I’ve nominated you for the ABC Award–if you’d like to have it! You can check out my “acceptance speech”, too, if you want. God bless you BIG!

  4. HI there,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    So often I am caught up in the act of “preparing” prayer that I forget God wants not my preparation, but my time — right now. He wants me first thing in the morning, when I’m brushing my teeth, walking my dog, folding laundry. He is available to me at every interval of the day, and my so called structure and routine hinders and crushes my ability to let Him be a part of every moment of my life. There is something to be said about drawing away to BE with the Lord; the way you would make time for a friend — one on one. Making a conscious effort to tune out all else and rest solely in His grace and love is something I need to be more diligent about.

    Again, thank you! Looking forward to further posts.


    • Yes Cara…our busy-ness so often gets in the way or serves as a distraction and yet we can pray in the midst of walking the dog, folding laundry, etc. too!
      God is good…He just longs for us to be in relationship with Him and share our entire day with Him. God Bless you!

  5. My “deserted place” is either a spot between two hugh sets of blackberry brambles in the hollow of a nearby pasture or a slatey creekbank rather high over the gurgling water most of the year. If Our Lord needed a deserted place, how much more do we?

  6. The “secret place” with Him … where strength, goodness, loving kindness and faith are deposited into us so we can go out and face the world again … a timely reminder for me to enter in and rest … thank you!

  7. Great post and beautiful picture. Prayer begins and ends in my bedroom but I am prayerful throughout the day. We are temples of prayer and the best place to start…

  8. Beautiful and very timely for me. A lovely reminder of how important prayer is. And to think we have access to the ONE WHO created everything and WHO died for us! Life has no meaning without HIM. Thank you for posting, and for visiting my blog, as well. BLESSINGS 🙂

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