What’s in your suitcase?

Regrets about the past, Anxiety about the future, To- do lists for the present?

Fear, Anger, Unforgiveness, Sadness, Apathy, Disappointments?

Cast away dreams, Broken promises, I can’ts and No’s?

The burdens in our suitcases tempt us to look for shortcuts.

Or to avoid big hills, rocky ground, and people.

Hands occupied, no longer able to lift heavenward in thanksgiving.

Eyes cast downward, backs aching from the strain.

If traveling to a foreign land, wouldn’t you enlist a guide?

There would be no fear in the capable hands of the one who knows the way.

The Heavenly Father is guiding us on this journey of theĀ  heart.

Walk toward the dawn. Home is ahead.

Check your luggage. You don’t need it. It will only weigh you down.

Leave it at the foot of the cross.

Your Father will provide.

Trust in Him. Do not fear.

“He said to them, “Take nothing for the journey, neither walking stick, nor sack, nor food, nor money, and let no one take a second tunic” Luke 9:3