Opening Our Treasures…

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The Gold I bring before you King is the “I am of me” longing to be one with the “I am of You”…

The frankincense I bring before you King is the incense of my prayers rising as smoke to Your throne…

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The Myrrh I bring before you King is the brokenness of me to be immersed in the saving Blood of Your Passion.

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My Gold, my Frankincense, my Myrrh is all of me desiring to be drawn into the depths of Your Heart and planted there to grow, to bloom, to bring You Glory.

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 “Then they OPENED THEIR TREASURES and offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” Matther 2:11b

Lord, may we all OPEN OUR TREASURES and lay them completely before you.


By Another Way…

By Another Way…

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Another sign the Wise Men saw and followed was advice given through a dream.

To Go Another Way…

Perhaps the Wise Men after finding Him who their heart desired would have wanted to stay and continue to offer praise and homage, but they had responsibility to get back to.

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How easy it would have been to go back the path they had forged in the coming…

But we can never go back to the familiar, the old way, after meeting Christ.

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Our lives become the Other Way..

always new…exploring new territory…unkown to us whilst living in and of the world.

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My Lord, may we be given the grace to see the signs and follow the direction you ask us to take, always docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in whatever way they may come.  Heal us of any fear in pressing forward on the “other way” which is the new way, deeper in communion with You. Amen

Signs Seen and Followed…

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The Sign of a Star…

Led Wise Men to search for a King.

To Leave behind their ways of the world…their parts of the world…

Onwards on their search.

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Not the pretty picture of a pristine desert with camels carrying gifts and kings all in a neat tidy row.

The truth of the journey?

image via exertion of will…across countryside of no roads or modern conveniences…extended travels far from the familiar…hopes mixed with doubts…

Where will this journey take us?

We are all “Wise Men” enroute in this life to find the True King, the True Ruler of our Hearts so that we may offer Him praise and homage with our lives.

For to offer true worship to Him who is our Creator, is sewn deeply within the fabric of who we are.

These Wise Men saw a sign that splashed light on their journey from the world to Christ.

What signs are in our lives?

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Are we following the signs that lead us to be people of praise and thanksgiving?

“Wise Men and Women” may we be given the grace to see the signs He leaves us daily and the courage and the perseverance to follow them home to Him.

“Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill shall be made low; The rugged land shall be made a plain, the rough country a broad valley.  Then the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all mankind shall see it together.” Is 40:4-5