Eternal Life Today…

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“And this is the promise he made us:  eternal life.” 1 John 26

endless…interminable…unceasing…unending…lasting…permament…perpetual…deathless…immortal…undying…everlasting…timeless…infinite…without-end…forever…enduring through all time…ceaseless…always…


When you make a promise you give your word…

God gave us a promise…

God gave us his word…His Word made flesh…

 His Word made flesh was the promise of eternal life He gave us.

In the New Year…in this time of resolutions and promises…

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 Shouldn’t our most important promises be given to God?

Promises that bring us closer to His promise?

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What steps can we take this day to bring us nearer to living the life that promises us “always” life?

What promises given to God, to ourselves, to others?

“Heavenly Father, You gave Your promise. You gave Your Word…and the Word became Flesh and dwelt among us so that  Your promise to us of eternal life might be fulfilled.  May we be given the grace to be fully human, beginning eternal life today and drawing others into this forever love.”

Here is a long, but absolutely awesome worship song. Jason Upton’s “One Step Away” will lead you into a taste of that timelessness we all long for. Close your eyes and enjoy this time with God.

 Jason Upton, One Step Away



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