By Another Way…

By Another Way…

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Another sign the Wise Men saw and followed was advice given through a dream.

To Go Another Way…

Perhaps the Wise Men after finding Him who their heart desired would have wanted to stay and continue to offer praise and homage, but they had responsibility to get back to.

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How easy it would have been to go back the path they had forged in the coming…

But we can never go back to the familiar, the old way, after meeting Christ.

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Our lives become the Other Way..

always new…exploring new territory…unkown to us whilst living in and of the world.

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My Lord, may we be given the grace to see the signs and follow the direction you ask us to take, always docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in whatever way they may come.  Heal us of any fear in pressing forward on the “other way” which is the new way, deeper in communion with You. Amen


13 thoughts on “By Another Way…

  1. This is a wonderful message, a reminder we could use daily. I find it strengthens me to “frequently” say out loud–even alone in my home–“I am NEVER going back!!” However, I’ll confess here that there are “situational”, relationship habits which I sometimes slip backwards into–nothing huge, sinful, life-threatening–but frustrating to the max! So I’m still working on stuff, trying to remember to “press into Him” instead of striving in my own strength and “determination”. Thank you for always offering us light to see the path. God bless you.

    • I do think we often have to remind ourselves and saying aloud is definitely a plus…our voices scare away any of those past thoughts that may try to tell us to go back to the old. Now if the neighbors start hearing you say this too loudly and too often…they may start to ask questions, lol, but then again that wouldn’t be such a bad idea either would it? Blessings of joy and peace!

      • Well, it’s too late for me–my neighbors already think I’m nuts, and know it’s all about Jesus!! Sometimes I also have to speak rather loudly to the devil–or like Joyce Meyer says, “stomp your little Holy foot at him!” I was never good at being assertive in the past–but there’s no more time to be timid, you know?! God’s love and blessings to you–Big, of course!

  2. Thank you for your timely post. God has been dealing with me taking a new path and not continuing in the routine. He wants to give me a fresh word for my direction instead of relying on my own intellect. Well done!

  3. How very true, J. It was that Holy Spirit that prompted me to write HGB! And when you listen to what He has planned for your life, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to go any other way but His 😀 It’s a way filled with constant wonder, amazement and awe at His goodness. Bless you for your writing.

  4. Thank you for stopping by My Hmmm Collection and deciding to tag along. Your post is filled with truth and will be following you.

    Keep the Faith!

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