Christmas Virus…WARNING…

image via from the heart of j

image via from the heart of j


Be on the alert for symptoms of inner Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. The hearts of a great many have already been exposed to this virus and it is possible that people everywhere could come down with it in epidemic proportions. This could pose a serious threat to what has, up to now, been a fairly stable condition of conflict in the world.

Some signs and symptoms of The Christmas Virus:

A tendency to:      think and act spontaneously rather than on fears based on past  experiences

An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment

A loss of  interest in judging other people.

  • A loss of  interest in interpreting the actions of others.
  • A loss of  interest in conflict.
  • A loss of the ability to worry. (This is a very serious symptom.)
  • Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation.
  • Contented  feelings of connectedness with others and nature.
  • Frequent attacks of smiling.
  • An increasing tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen.
  • An increased  susceptibility to the love extended by others as well as the uncontrollable urge to extend it.

Please send this warning out to all your friends. This virus can and has affected many systems. Some systems have been completely cleaned out because of it. (Author Unknown)




“They might not need me; but they might.

I’ll let my head be just in sight.

A smile as small as mine might be precisely their necessity.” (Emily Dickinson)

A smile takes such little effort…but given away can become a gift of utmost value.

May your weekend be filled with smiles given and received….they really are contagious you know!

God’s abundant blessings on you and yours this weekend,

The Heart of J

Silly For Saturday #9

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Isn’t it a blessing to have others in our life who “understand our language”? This video always makes me laugh. May your weekend be filled with joyful “da da da up blah blah blahs” and friends who know how to interpret!

Enjoy this Silly for Saturday.  God’s blessings for you and yours, fromtheheartofj

Talking Twins…

Silly for Saturday #8…

And so I was walking in the park….

Rounded the bend and ran into…

A SMILING duck! And he looks a bit mischievious too!

Have you ever had an animal smile at you?…you can’t help but smile back!

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Charles de Lint, Canadian author and folk musician, said, ” I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile.”

May your weekends be filled with smiles given and received!

Blessings on you and yours, FromtheheartofJ