Lights to the Lost…Beacons to the Broken…

Technicolor JOY…

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Colorfully expressed through the uniqueness of who we were created to be.

Not a hippy-hoppy-happy indifference toward those around us.

A kaleidoscope of souls reflecting prisms of the light of truth…


But ALIVE in vibrant hope of new life…

Reflections of the Praise of His Glory…

Lights to the Lost…Beacons to the Broken…

Joy lived in Love

Yes, we are the Easter people and Hallelujah is our song!

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“May we shout for joy at your victory, raise the banners in the name of our God.” Ps 20:6


This Man…

This man was scourged, crucified, and killed;

But an unspeakable love resurrected Him from death and from infamy;

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It placed Him in a glory of love that never weakens and that finds in Him peace, honor, and joy even to the point of ecstasy.

This man was pursued by an inextinguishable hatred in His suffering and in His tomb;

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But He asked for apostles and martyrs to His name in every generation, and there has been no age without them.

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This man is the only human being ever to have founded a kingdom of love on the earth;

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And this man is you, O JESUS CHRIST!

(Father Henri-Dominique Lacordaire +1861)

Have a blessed Easter Week…May you rest in the joy and peace of His resurrection glory and be an apostle in His name!