An Epic Poem to be Savored….


Official permission to slow down one’s life…

is like being given an epic poem yet to be savored.

Give thanks for those things in life that sloooooow down one’s steps….

for truly the mind and the heart soon follow. (I promise)

“Consider it all joy, my brothers and sisters, when you encounter various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. ” James 1:2-3.


First Comes Thanksgiving…

“The day before He suffered He took bread in His sacred hands and looking up to heaven to You, His almighty Father He gave you thanks and praise. “

Thanksgiving prepared the way.

Thanksgiving preceded the Miracle.

 We too take the daily bread of our lives and through Him, with Him, in Him, look up to heaven and give thanks and praise.

Thanksgiving opens our heart to RECEIVE the miracle.

This  day let us take all that we are, and all that we have been given….

With Jesus give thanks to Our Father…

and BELIEVE in the miracle of transformation.

“In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.”  1 Thes 5:18

Everything is Connected….

The leaf lower epidermis of Tilia × europaea T...

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On a bright sunny day if you look at a simple leaf you will find within it not just a single green leaf but a blending of many different shades of green that flow perfectly together to make the one green leaf.  There are no stops or starts between variances of color. And yet if you mixed green paints in many different shades still you could not recreate the variances of color found in this one single leaf.

Similarly our lives — each moment, each experience, each thought and action is connected harmoniously minute by minute within the DIVINE, knit together with the threads of Divine Love.  Together our day, our thoughts, words, and actions are knit together not just as an individual work of art but connected with those around us in a vast impressionistic masterpiece painting each adding his and her unique dots and dashes of color.  No stroke, no color mars the beauty of the united effect. Only in eternity  will our eyes be able to contemplate the grandeur of this work of art.

Lord, I praise you for the connectedness with which your love permeates my life.  Let  me surrender in trust to this wondrous truth. May I boldly paint vibrant strokes of color this day up on the canvas before me, right where You have placed me. Give me eyes to see the extraordinary in the ordinary as I step forward in Your Name proclaiming Your extravagant love through the colors I leave behind.


He loves me…He loves me not….

Petal of a pelargonium - taken in the evening ...

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 He loves me….pick a petal, let it fall

He loves me not (negative thoughts)…pick a petal, let it fall

He loves me…pick a petal, let it fall

He loves me not (reluctance to act, to give, to love)…pick a petal, let it fall

He loves me…pick a petal let it fall

He loves me not (sinful actions, tendencies, brokenness)…pick a petal, let it fall

 And so on and so on and so on

Now disconnected petals in a heap encircling the stripped stem. Absent of the beauty.

Lord, pierce the “love me, love me not” thoughts. Hold back the hand inclined to “pick and let fall”.

Deliever from this temptation.

RECEIVE His Love into the who you are this day ….and be transformed. BELIEVE in His Love that sees the beauty of who you are this day and be set free. Live in the peace of His eternal “He loves me” LOVE. And pass on the glory.

Let my YES wear combat boots…..

Combat Boots

YES…three letters that can so quickly spring forth from our mouths. But what happens between the saying and the doing? Between the head and the heart? All kinds of distractions…and busy-ness…and second thoughts….and forgetfulness…and etc, etc etc. I want my YES to MOVE….yes MOVE, I want my YES  to wear combat boots, stomping through all the mush of my brokenness that shows forth through the dragging of feet. I’m not interested in going through life with stiletto heels that get stuck in the mud and slow down the pace. Today I say boldly, “Let me lace up the combat boots. May the YESes of my heart march forward!” Am I ready to truly walk this walk of RECEIVE, BELIEVE, ADORE?

Why “Through Him With Him In Him”?

Heart-shaped cloud
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So…why through Him With Him In Him? Because through Him with Him in Him is heaven. Heaven realized here on Earth. Heaven in the everyday…heaven in the good days and in the not so good days. Through, with, in takes in beside, above, below, to the right and to the left AND inside and outside. Through Him With Him In Him….covered!