Slipping and Sliding…

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Slipping and sliding through life…

The rush of the path,

Cushioned by the flow of water…

Until all dries up…

Painful the burn of the journey…when all comes to a standstill.

Oh dehydrated soul

Whose busy-ness of self has forgotten the Source.

Thirst for the living water…

that immerses, that saturates, that floods.

Float back into the current of grace.

Again…Slipping and Sliding through life.

“A clean heart create for me, God;  renew in me a steadfast spirit.  Do not drive me from your presence, nor take from me your Holy Spirit.  Restore my joy in your salvation; sustain in me a willing spirit.” Ps 51: 12-14


“They might not need me; but they might.

I’ll let my head be just in sight.

A smile as small as mine might be precisely their necessity.” (Emily Dickinson)

A smile takes such little effort…but given away can become a gift of utmost value.

May your weekend be filled with smiles given and received….they really are contagious you know!

God’s abundant blessings on you and yours this weekend,

The Heart of J

On the Road of Now…

Stepping from the whirlwind of life…

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I’ve made a decision…again it wells up from within…renewed conviction…


Fully alive to the gift of today….

Immersed in the wonder of the now.

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Allowing it to fill this chalice to overflowing.

Lifting it upward…

In profound gratitude.

My footprints upon the earth…receiving, believing, and adoring.

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On the narrow road that leads to home.

Heart of J is back after a brief respite

Back on the road….will you travel with me?

There’s plenty of room in the “I am” of this day….everyday.

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“You set a table before me as my enemies watch; You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.  Only goodness and love ill pursue me all the days of my life; I ill dwell in the house of the Lord for years to come.” Ps 23:5-6

Silly For Saturday #9

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Isn’t it a blessing to have others in our life who “understand our language”? This video always makes me laugh. May your weekend be filled with joyful “da da da up blah blah blahs” and friends who know how to interpret!

Enjoy this Silly for Saturday.  God’s blessings for you and yours, fromtheheartofj

Talking Twins…

No Such Thing As A Counterfeit…

If you aren’t a writer…be the story.

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If you aren’t an artist be the paint.

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If you aren’t a sculptor be the clay.

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If you aren’t a singer be the song.

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If you aren’t a dancer be the moves.

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If you aren’t an athlete be the fan.

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Discover “YOU”… the real version.

Because if you aren’t “YOU”…there is no such thing as a counterfeit!

“In him we were also chosen, destined in accord with the purpose of the one who accomplishes all things according to the intention of his will, so that we might exist for the praise of his glory, we who first hoped in Christ.” Eph 1″ 111-12

How Beautiful the Feet….

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“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings glad tidings, announcing peace, bearing good news, announcing salvation, and saying to Zion, “Your God is King.” is 52:7

The deeds you do may be the only sermon some hear today! (St. Francis of Assisi)

Blessings on your weekend, fromtheheartofj

Temporary Insanity?….

When one learns the truth…hears the truth…is convicted by the truth…

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Isn’t it “temporary insanity” to believe the deceits that violate the truth?

The core of us is not death and decay…

The core of us is LIFE…God Himself present within!

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We must hold captive thoses thoughts that speak deceit …

and turn them over to Jesus…to the foot of the cross!

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“And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Go Out Into the Whole World…

“I am part of the Fellowship of the Unashamed.

The die has been cast.  The decision has been made.  I have stepped over the line.  I won’t look back, let up, slow down, back away, or be still.

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My past is redeemed, my present makes sense, and my future is in God’s hands.  I am finished and done with low living, sight walking, small planning, the bare minimum, smooth knees, colorless dreams, tamed visions, mundane talking, frivolous living, selfish giving, and dwarfed goals.

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I no longer need preeminence, prosperity, position, promotions, applause, or popularity.  I don’t have to be right, first, the best, recognized, praised, regarded or rewarded.  I now live by faith.  I lean on Christ’s presence. I love with patience, live by prayer, and labor with the power of God’s grace.

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My face is set.  My gait is fast, my goal is heaven.  My road is narrow, my way is rough, my companions are few, my Guide is reliable, and my mission is clear.

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I cannot be bought, compromised, detoured, lured away, turned back, deluded, or delayed.  I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice, hesitate in the presence of adversity, negotiate at the table of the enemy, ponder at the pool of popularity, or meander in the maze of mediocrity.

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I won’t give up, shut up, let up, or slow up until I have stayed up, stored up, prayed up, paid up, and spoken up for the cause of Christ. I am a disciple of Jesus. I must go till He comes, give until I drop, speak out until all know, and work until He stops me.

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And when He returns for his own, He will have no difficulty recognizing me.  My banner is clear;  I am a part of the Fellowship of the Unashamed.” (Patrick Madrid, author and radio host)

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Amen, Amen, Amen!

“He said to them, “GO out into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15